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A Self Paced Jump Start to Successful Low Carb Living

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Please disregard all mention of live Zoom calls, Facebook group, and weekly challenges as these are only available with the Keto Made Simple Live Course.

Do you have unwanted fat and inches on your body you’d like to get rid of once and for all?

Would you like to lose fat and inches without killing yourself at the gym or starving yourself?

Would you like to lose fat and inches quickly and easily without pills, powders, or shakes – just using real food?

Do you have a desire to be genuinely happy with your body and who you are?

Do you suffer from low energy levels, lack of focus or inflammation?

Would you like to avoid constant hunger?

What would life look like if you were happy, vibrant, confident, and positive?


Let’s face it; those extra pounds of fat aren’t serving you in any capacity. You’ve spent far too long trying too many different diet and exercise strategies that just ultimately left you where you originally started or worse. The negativity flows in, your emotional health dwindles, your confidence takes a nose dive, and you’re right back to square one – or 3 steps backward from square one.

You’ve seen the posts on social media about the massive weight loss transformations other people have been able to achieve with Keto. You’re inspired, but you have no clue where to start. There’s so much conflicting information online, in cookbooks, etc. that you’re overwhelmed. Maybe you’ve started Keto before and didn’t get the results you wanted as fast as you wanted them. Maybe you even gained weight doing Keto in the past!

The long and the short of the situation is that you’re at a place in your life where you’re no longer willing to keep living this way. You’re unhappy, unhealthy, and in need of a lifestyle that gets you the results you’re looking for. Keto has been my saving grace to achieving the emotional fitness and overall happiness I was really looking for even though I started out with a primary goal of fat loss and a rock hard body.

For more information on my weight loss journey visit www.CenterforLCL.com


Keto is an ideal strategy to cut body fat and inches quickly and safely. Keto Made Simple Self Study will give you the knowledge and action steps necessary to start burning fat right away and keep it off. A Mind Body Spirit approach to wellness is what you’ll experience in this course. We will start to do the “innercise” necessary to make lasting changes in your physical appearance and happiness. You’ll acquire the tools you need to get in the right mindset, keep your momentum strong, and follow through until you’ve reached your goals.

Enrolling in this Keto Made Simple Self Study course is your ticket to learning the fundamental principles of Keto and how to apply them specifically to you, your life, your abilities, your needs, and your goals.


Key benefits of enrolling in this Keto Made Simple Self Study course include:

  • Fundamental knowledge of how Keto works
  • How to quickly get into ketosis
  • Digging deep and finding your motivation
  • What to eat and what to avoid
  • What exercises and heart rate ranges are most effective for fat loss should you choose to actually exercise because it’s not required!
  • Developing specific goals that are personal and relevant to you
  • Macros (Calories, Carbohydrates, Fat, and Protein) specifically for you
  • Accountability, a safe environment to learn, and motivation
  • Options for eating out at restaurants
  • Alcohol options
  • Development of a rewards system that isn’t centered around food
  • Proper hydration and electrolytes
  • Recipe sources and meal planning guidance
  • How stress affects your fat loss goals and what to do about it
  • Measuring progress
  • Keto hacks for delicious low carb goodies
  • How to bust through setbacks, plateaus, and stalls
  • Full details on intermittent fasting, One Meal a Day (OMAD), and prolonged fasting
  • Leveling up to advanced Keto strategies - Carnivore
  • How to successfully survive in maintenance mode once you’re done losing the fat
  • And so much more!
  • You get to work at your own pace with lifetime access to the course material

Start your course today for an investment of just $97!


This course is backed by a 14 day money back guarantee.


Your Instructor

Melanie Pederson
Melanie Pederson

Melanie Pederson is a Low Carb Living Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, and Low Carb Culinary Artist. She is passionate about transforming lives in mind, body, and spirit. She helps people break free of negative mindsets, identifying limiting beliefs and barriers to success, and ultimately achieving the life they’re dreaming of and deserve. Melanie believes that with the right support, motivation, momentum, knowledge, and action there’s no limit to what a person can achieve. She believes that there’s “innercise” to be done before nutrition and exercise can harness their full power and potential.

Melanie hit her heaviest at 253 pounds in September of 2008 right after the birth of her second daughter. With the pressure and fear of judgment of returning to college to finish her Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology she got serious and got down to 185 pounds by her graduation in May of 2014. After graduation the motivation was gone. After many more years of yo-yo nutritional strategies, exercise regimens, lack of self-care, and lack of self-love she started Keto/Low Carb Living in October of 2017 when she hated herself back up to 232 pounds. Melanie decided that enough was enough and that she was going to love herself to do something different. She has since lost over 100 pounds and counting. She is nearly at the body composition she wants to be at and is concentrating on fat loss and lean mass gain at the present time.

Melanie possesses the following degrees and certifications:

Certified Behavior Change Specialist – American Council on Exercise - 2018

Certified Mind Body Spirit Practitioner – Sunlight Alliance - 2015

Certified Health Coach – Institute for Integrative Nutrition - 2013

Certified Personal Trainer – American Council on Exercise – 2010


Low Carb Living Coaching Clients

“I have lost over 40 pounds working with Melanie as my Coach. Her coaching was over and above what I was expecting. I've went from a size 18 pants to a size 10!” Debra S

“I would like to take a minute to give a huge shout out to Melanie Pederson. I’ve only known her a few months, but she has CHANGED my life. Not only is she a huge inspiration as she just hit her 100 pound weight loss with Keto, but she is also an amazing Keto Coach. Most of you know, I started Keto January 1st and after almost four weeks of not losing a single pound, she was there with my every day – anytime! Reading books, Googling, reading my doctor’s blood test results and motivating me to not give up. You see, I am a very strong woman, but there are just times when I wanted to give up. Without you, Melanie, I don’t think I would have FINALLY seen the scale drop, kept pushing myself or been able to handle the emotional roller coaster of frustration. I was needing to be strong and support my daughter as she is on this journey with me. I couldn’t have been there for her if you weren’t here for me! Thank you for believing in me when I didn’t. It may only be 4 pounds in 5 weeks, BUT it’s progress and I’m grateful to have you as my Coach, Friend, and Supporter. If you are serious about Keto, HIRE HER!

P.S. The weight is falling off now because she was able to identify a key hormonal issue! It wasn’t the food, macros or her coaching that was the problem – it was my body being an a**hole!”

Jennifer S

Personal Training Clients

After a tough AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) Workout - “This workout kicked my butt. I went though it 4 times and I didn’t want to get up after the last set. Thank you, Melanie Pederson, for being tough, a pain in my ass, and the biggest inspiration and person could ask for.

I started working out to prove people wrong that said I wouldn’t do or stick with it and once I let that anger go and started doing it for myself, I’m amazed at what I can do. Yes, it’s been a struggle and there are days when all I want to do is eat bread but I got this!!” Kristie S

Course Curriculum

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days after you enroll

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course is delivered within 24 hours of enrollment. You have lifetime access to the course material and are able to go through it as fast or as slow as you choose.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound?
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 14 days and we will give you a full refund.
Should I consult my doctor before starting Keto?
It’s not required, but if you have any concerns please consult your doctor prior to starting any kind of new nutrition and exercise strategy.
What kind of nutritional strategy is Keto?
Low carbohydrate (<20g net carbs), moderate protein (based on height), and high fat (used as a lever for caloric deficit, maintenance, or lean mass gain).
What is ketosis?
Ketosis is the process by which the body is fueled by stored fat which produces ketones. This is the process to become fat adapted (burning fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates/glucose).
Won’t I get fat eating all that fat?
If you’re eating the correct amount of fat (which you’ll get customized macros for in this course) your body will burn its stored body fat because insulin isn’t released when fat is consumed. The fat is absorbed in the intestines and turned into lipoproteins to fuel the body’s activities of daily living. Fat is a lever and not a goal on Keto. We create the caloric deficit through fat intake. Fat is used to keep you full between meals. It is true that if you consume too much dietary fat than your body can utilize it will be ultimately stored in your fat cells.
Will I get Keto Flu?
Not everyone experiences Keto Flu. There will be information on how to avoid it and what to do if you start to experience the symptoms in the course material.
Do I have to exercise to lose weight on Keto?
Exercise is not required to start losing weight with Keto. It does help to speed along the process to get you further faster toward your fat loss goals, but you’ll need to mind your heart rate to burn fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates/glucose for fuel. You will get your customized fat burning heart rate range for Keto in this course. You will also get a list of exercises that are more conducive to burning fat mass.
Can I afford the groceries necessary for Keto?
It is possible to do Keto on a budget. One of the least expensive Keto options are eggs. There are so many different variations with eggs that can keep meals interesting. Keto isn’t all eggs and bacon, however. It’s entirely possible to do Keto meals on just $5 per day! You’ll be given information on which foods are best on a budget and which you can choose to splurge on in this course.
Will I have to eat the same thing every day?
Absolutely not! There are so many Keto cookbooks, free recipes online, and dedicated Facebook groups you won’t have any trouble finding new tasty dishes. We will discuss plenty of food options through the duration of this course. I value variety and having a full belly.
Will I have to micromanage my food?
Some people track and others don’t. It’s not necessary to log everything that goes into your mouth, but it will get you to your goals much quicker. I personally didn’t track for months when I first started Keto and lost plenty of weight. However, I did eventually start to stall out and once I started using my tracking app I quickly saw the scale drop, my girth measurements decrease, and my body composition improve. “What gets measured gets managed.” Albert Einstein.
How do I know what and how much to eat?
You will receive custom macros (calories, carbohydrates, protein, and fat) relevant to you and your activity level in this course. You will be shown and taught how to use a free tracking app that will allow you to manage your nutrition.
Will I have to cook a lot?
For budget conscious Keto people cooking at home is ideal, however, if money isn’t an issue there are plenty of premade Keto products on the market both in your local grocery stores and online. I find it best to batch cook then use a vacuum sealer to store extra in the freezer for a quick meal when I need it. I invested in an Instant Pot and an Air Fryer which have been game changers for food prep.
Will I feel hungry all the time?
Quite the contrary, actually. Once you become fat adapted you will notice your appetite decrease considerably.
Is it tough to give up sugar and bread?
At first it’s a bit hard to adjust to not eating sugar and bread, however, give it a few days or weeks and you’ll soon see you’re not craving them anymore. You’ll most likely find that your bloating is reduced and your energy goes up. As you continue to see fat mass and inches released from your body the motivation to choose not to eat sugar and bread becomes very easy and natural. We will address Candida in this course – how to tell if you have it and how to get rid of it. Candida is a common cause of carbohydrate and sugar cravings.
Will I never get to eat dessert again?
There are plenty of sugar free desserts that you can purchase at the store or make yourself. I personally use erythritol because it has a great taste, texture, it’s easy on the stomach, doesn’t have a cooling sensation while consuming, and doesn’t have an aftertaste.
Will Keto give me high cholesterol?
Consultation with your doctor is best for this question since they’ll know your personal health history in addition to your family health history. However, there is research that is showing that Keto can actually improve cholesterol panels. The medical doctor I collaborate with in Temecula, California has seen this to be true with his patients that he places on Keto/Low Carb Living nutrition strategies.
Can I eat out at restaurants or on the go and still be compliant on Keto?
Yes! Several restaurant chains have adopted Keto friendly menus. Even for those who have not you will learn strategies to eat out at your favorite restaurants and remain compliant to Keto at the same time in this course. You’ll also get information on eating Keto while traveling or on the go.
Some of the videos refer to Zoom Calls, Facebook group, and Weekly Challenges with giveaways. What's that all about?
Those are features available in the Keto Made Simple Live version of the course where Melanie will jump on Zoom to review the week's topics and answer questions. The Facebook group is the community and accountability piece of the Keto Made Simple Live course. The weekly challenges are available to give extra motivation to give your absolute best. The next round of the Keto Made Simple Live version of the course will be available in a few months. Please disregard any mention of Zoom Calls and/or Weekly Challenges for the Keto Made Simple Self Study version of the course.

This course is closed for enrollment.